Ivar Heggem

Ivar Heggem is the founder and managing director of the company Kricha24 AS. Mr. Heggem graduated from BI Norwegian Business School with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics and has nearly 30 years experience through several senior positions in banking and finance.
Since 2001 Mr Heggem has been in director positions for Danske Bank (Fokus Bank), and has been responsible for development and management of their Merchant Bank/ Private Banking activities in Norway. During Heggem’s management Danske Bank(Fokus Bank) was awarded Best Private Bank Norway in 2007, 2008 and 2010 by the international financial magazine Euromoney.
Prior to this, Mr. Heggem held leadership positions in Nordea, (Kreditkassen) Reuters and Elcon.
The experience from financial advising, branding and management of advisory/sales organizations, in addition to the company’s cooperation with some of the leading consultants in asset management, financial advisory and management/employee development, allows Kricha24 to assist most businesses in finding the best possible solutions in Norway.