- a consulting company, which through collaboration with leading suppliers within wealth management (Formuesforvaltning AS), financial analysis (FinCorp AS), and management development (Euro Business School AS), offers these services in Oslo and Møre & Romsdal.
Within wealth management, Formuesforvaltning AS is Norway’s leading independent trustee, and was in 2013 awarded the title Best Wealth Manager in Norway by the international financial magazine Euromoney. Formuesforvaltning has approximately 40 billion NOK AUM, and 220 employees.
FinCorp AS are leading consultants in operational and strategic finance and has assisted more than 800 companies, organizations and government entities. One of the company’s services is to help clients achieve optimum financial services, for a market competitive price. This results in a professional and rational management of economically important issues.
Euro Business School AS is leading within Norway's sales and service development. Euro Business School helps sales and service organizations to realize their full potential by using their existing resources. The company has since its establishment in 1988 signed agreements with a number of the country's largest corporations.